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Boys' Cross Country

Pumpkinfest Run
  5K Run  Sept 30,2023          Half Marathon Oct 1, 2023

Hosted by South Lyon High
Boys Cross Country
Celebrating our 53rd Year!

         Pumpkinfest Run 2023

Pumpkinfest 5K Run–Lead the Parade! or Run a Half Marathon! 

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Covid interrupted our 2020 and 2021 Pumpkinfest Runs, but things are looking good for the 2023 Pumpkinfest Run.  The Saturday 5K will be at Millennium Middle School, and it will lead the parade.  The Sunday Half Marathon will again use Island Lake Park and Kensington Park. 

QUESTIONS about the Pumpkinfest Run?  

Email Coach Smith at

Elevation Map of the Half Marathon:

There will be aid stations approximately every two miles along the Half Marathon Route.  There is one aid station for the 5K route.  In addition, there is a sweep bike for each race too for safety.

Fast and Accurate Timing

Enjoy the Fun Afterwards!

There will be awards & refreshments after the run at Kent Lake After that, please enjoy the festivities of the Pumpkinfestival in downtown South Lyon.

COMPLIMENTARY Tee Shirt celebrating the 2022 run for those who pre-register by Sunday, Sept 19

2019 Champions

Congratulations to our champion
Overall Men’s Winner Reiner Kandt 17:31
Men’s Master’s Winner Thomas Preiss 17:50
Overall Women’s Winner Erica VanLoton 20:25
Master’s Women Winner Melissa Christensen 22:20

2018 Champions

2017 Champions

Congratulations to our champions on a crazy hot day!
Overall Men’s Winner Evan Leslie 18:23
Men’s Masters Winner Jeff Weidmayer 20:13
Overall Women’s Winner Lilly Aitima 20:02
Women’s Masters Winner Amy Hartman 22:49

2016 Champions

Congratulations to our champions
Overall Men’s Winner Bennett Prud’homme 15:49
Men’s Masters Winner Paul Mayer 18:03
Overall Women’s Winnter Danielle Kanclerz 20:49
Masters Women’s Winner Lori Snyder 21:11

2015 Champions

Congratulations to our champions
Overall Men’s Winner Brent Peruski 17:42
Men’s Masters WInner Aaron Engberg 21:16
Overall Women’s Winner Miranda Meyers 20:48
Masters Women’s Winner Tracey Auclicino 21:57

2014 Champions

Congratulations to our champions
Overall Men’s Winner Adam Caruso 17:27
Men’s Masters Winner Kurt Bartell 18:39
Overall Men’s Winner Hayley O’Malley 18:34
Women’s Masters’ Winner Anne Symanczik 21:40

2013 Champions

Congratulations to our champions
Overall Men’s Winner Andrew Thomas 16:48
Men’s Masters’ Winner Dave Adkins 18:44
Overall Women’s Winner Anne Symanczik 21:34
Masters Women’s Winner Robin Mitchell 21:43

2012 Champions

Congratulations to our champions
Overall Men’s Winner Lex Williams 16:13
Men’s Masters’ Winner Heather Hanks 19:36
Overall Women’s Winner Dave Adkins 18:23
Women’s Masters’ Winner Robin Mitchell 22:00

2011 Champions

Congratulations to our champions
Overall Men’s Winner Lucas Porinsky 18:39
Men’s Masters Winner Kenny Leer 20:14
Overall Womens Winner Anne Symanzik 22:03
Women’s Masters Winner Shelly DeMoss 23:48

2017 Pumpkinfest
& Pumpkinfest Run Video


Awards for overall winners, masters winners, and age group winners (3 deep). In the age groups, 1st place receives a trophy; 2nd & 3rd receives a medal.

If you were unable to stay for your award, you can still receive it by mailing $5 for your trophy or $2 for your medal to SLXC Boys Boosters, PO Box 17, South Lyon, MI 48178.

Be sure to include your name, age, gender & return address.

2011 50’s Pumpkinfest Run
Costume Winners:
Note the Pumpkinfest Run Poodle Skirts
Pictured left to right:
Robin Thrift, Suzy Govan,
Anne Symanzik, Hannah Symanzik