South Lyon High School

Boys' Cross Country

Striding for Excellence for 50 Years!


May 30 thru September 4, 2022

Freshman 200
300 Mile Club
400 Mile Club
500 Mile Club

Summer Mileage Goals
Freshmen 200
Sophomores 300
Juniors & Seniors 400

Conversion Factors
Non Running activities can’t make up more than 25% of your weekly totals unless this is waived by coach Smith due to injury.

Biking (constant) 3 miles = 1 mile
Treadmill 1 mile =1 mile
Elliptical or Zero Gravity 2 miles =1 mile
CONSTANT Lap Swimming 15 minutes = 1 mile
Water Running 140 heart rate 15 minutes = 1 mile

Other activities (walking, hiking, basketball practice, etc.) do not count for miles because they typically do not raise the heart rate for at least 20-30 minutes non stop.

If you are injured or on vacation, please contact Coach Smith to waive the 25% restriction on cross training miles.

Athletes must submit miles within 7 days of week’s end to get credit for that week’s miles

Last Man Standing

2022 Winners                     Ashton Kandt     Alex Jowett   Shane Jowett

2021 Winners                  Brendon Stec 4th Time!      Reiner Kandt 2nd Time!          Luke Heisel 1st Time!

2020 Winners                         Brendon Stec 3rd Time!

2019 Winners
Vlad Schnitzel   4th time!
Brendon Stec   2nd Time!
Dom Foytek    1st Time!
Reiner Kandt  1st Time!

2018 Winners
Vlad Schnitzel     3rd time!
Haden Gallentine 2nd time!
Brendon Stec      1st time!

2017 Winners
Val Schnitzel  4th time!
Vlad Schnitzel 2nd time!

2016 Winners
Val Schnitzel 3rd time!
Haden Gallentine
Vlad Schnitzel

2015 Winners
Marshall Thelen  4th time!
Val Schnitzel       2nd time!
Joey Younkin

Attendance Policy
starting August 15, 2022

Group One Excused—Does not need to be made up:
1.Absent due to illness. Covid test might be required
2.Special one day Church Function (Confirmation Service)
3.Observance of a single Holy Day or Sabbath
4.School one day Performance (Concert or Competition)
5.Wedding or funeral in the immediate family. 
6.Doctor visit directly related to a cross country injury.

Group Two Excused— But need to be made up: Note: Group two absences starting August 15 are made up at morning weights once school starts. 1.Absent from school partial day due to illness. If you do not attend school all day, you are ineligible to participate in a meet or practice unless prearranged with the athletic director. 2.Family Vacations (Please try to avoid these after Aug 15). 3.School project/make up test (Approved at COACH’S discretion.  Plan ahead and avoid these absences. 4.Court Hearings 5.School Discipline 6.Doctor or Dentist appt. not directly related to an XC injury.

Group Three Unexcused—Need to be made up:
Athletes with any group 3 absence is NOT eligible for any varsity award or the Lion Hearted award. Upon the 3rd Group
Three absence, the athlete will be asked to leave the team and to return next year. No refunds or awards will be given.
1.Employment absences
2.Driver’s Education/Secretary of State
3.Vacations/Amusement Park Trips except with his own family
4.Any absence where Coach Smith is not notified in advance by a parent e-mail of an eligible Group One or Group Two absence.
5.Any Meet Day or HARD Thursday absence except those in Group One.
6.Unexcused absence from any part of school day
7.Any Group II absence not made up within week.
8.Chronic Tardiness (5)
9.Missed bus to a meet (not eligible to run)
10.Any absence where an athlete went home ill after school and missed practice. This can be converted to group II at Coach Smith’s discretion if a parent contacts Coach Smith the same day and verifies the extreme and sudden illness.

The athlete will be ineligible to run the next meet or receive a varsity award due to any Group Two absence not made up within the week or any Group Three absence. Group two absences NOT made up become group three absences. The athlete is off of the team with the 3rd group three absence. No refunds will be issued or awards given.

Group two and three make ups are accomplished through attendance at morning weights. (6 AM SLHS Mondays & Fridays). Although a make up is required for both group two & three absences, this make up does not turn a group III absence into a group I or II absence.

The athlete will can have a maximum of 7 absences of any kind during the season.
*Being absent from a meet counts as 2 absences.
*After 7 absences, the athlete will be asked to turn in his uniform and return the following year. Extended absences of three days or more EXCUSED BY A DOCTOR will not be counted against the 7 day total. No refunds or awards will be given.

Injured athletes are expected to attend practices and meets unless the injury will remove the athlete from activity for an extended period of time. This needs to be discussed with Coach Smith.

Family vacations during Mandatory Practice Time are strongly discouraged.

Vacations After August 15
1.Not eligible to run meets until an equal number of practices have been attended after the athlete returns from vacation.
2.Not eligible to run meets until 2 weight sessions have been attended for each practice missed. The weights sessions occur after the absence and begin once school starts.
3.Not eligible for the varsity award or captainship in that same year. Note: If the athlete ATTENDS EVERY MEET but is not eligible to run one because of Group II absences, he can still earn the varsity award IF the vacation occurred before the start of the school year. He will be expected to help with team needs (splits,photographing, results, etc).
4.Short trips (max 2 days) due to immediate family weddings and funerals are exempt from the vacation policy if 2 day (funeral) or 14 day (wedding) advance notification is given to Coach Smith by parent
5.If an athlete is not allowed to run a meet due to vacation absences, he is still required to attend to take splits and photographs. He will have a workout before the meet begins.
6.First year athletes are encouraged to also avoid vacations after August 15. However, some leniency will be shown to first year athletes

Camp Requirements 2022
*120 Miles Submitted between May 31 &- Aug 1.  Miles submitted between Aug 1 and Aug 8 will be considered by the coach, especially for new athletes.

Miles must be submitted within 6 days of each week’s end.

*24 of 40 Group Running Practices June 20-Aug 7
The completed 24/24 counts for 4 practices.
Non completed 24/24 counts for 2 practices.  If the athlete only attends a partial one day of the 24/24 it will count as 1 day.

*Varsity practices count as one day each weekday or two practices each weekend day.

*If you will be on trips this summer and can’t make 24 practices by August 8, you must have a plan in place with Coach Scott Smith by June 30. There is no waiver for the mileage requirement.

Awards for 2022
1. Academic:
A. Season Academic Award (The athletic director will set the check date.  Mr. Smith does not set the check date.)
B. Lakes Valley Conference Scholar Athlete Award
C. 4.0 Marking Period Award if athletic dept. provides this information

2. Freshman, JV, Varsity (Varsity Bronze, Silver, Gold)
A. Freshman or JV Certificate
B. Varsity (Letter; Certificate; 2nd, 3rd, 4th Varsity)                C.  Varsity Bronze, Silver Gold

D.  Varsity Elite

3. Special Awards

A.  Lion Hearted
B. MVP (based on stats)
C. Mileage Clubs (must turn in miles weekly)
D. Most Improved
E. Last Man Standing & Most Summer Practices
F. Most Generous
G. Best Underclass Leadership (Varsity vote)
Note: If the Best Underclass Leadership recipient also is a junior, he will be named the first captain of the next season. He will meet with Coach Smith shortly after the banquet to discuss additional terms before becoming captain. Additional terms include camp attendance and mandatory season attendance and June-July-August attendance.
I. Perfect Attendance August 15 through the end of season
J Iron Horse (Completed all races including Aug time trial)

K Fortitude

RACE Eligibility 2022
Joining the team qualifies you to practice with the team. This might be a varsity or a JV squad. Joining the team DOES NOT guarantee you the opportunity to race.


A boy must demonstrate that he is capable of running faster than 30 minutes for a 5K before he will be allowed to compete in a double dual in 2022.  He must also demonstrate the capability of running faster than 25 minutes in any large meet or invitational.

Covid considerations might limit the number of participants who will be allowed to compete. Faster athletes will be given the first opportunity to race.

End of Year Awards 2022
Each athlete who completes the season successfully will receive one or more of these awards.

1. Freshman or JV
2. Varsity
3. Lion Hearted

1. Freshman or JV
A. Finishes the season successfully but does not qualify for varsity options One or Two.
B. Attendance:
No more than 7 absences between August 15 and the end of the season.
No more than 2 group three absences: Athlete is removed from team upon the 3rd.

2. Varsity Award 2022
To receive the varsity award for boys cross country, you must complete OPTION ONE or OPTION TWO

1. Run one 5K CROSS COUNTRY Race under 18:30. For each June, July, August weekly summer mileage submission sent within six days of week’s end, you can add 5 seconds to the 18:30 requirement. If you submit all of your weeks on time, this will be a 19:30 Varsity Time A valid mileage submission has at least 10 miles per week in June, 15 miles per week in July, and 20 in Aug. (19:30 if you submit 12 valid weeks).
2. Have NO Group III unexcused absences.
3. Attend all Mandatory Practices starting August 15 unless you are ill or other group I or II absence. More than seven days of combined group I and/or II absence August 17 through November 6 will disqualify you from a varsity award.
4. Attend all Meets unless you are ill or other category I absence.
5. Successful completion of the season.
6. Attend the state meet to cheer on any SLHS state qualifier.

OPTION TWO You must complete Option Two, parts 1,2, 3
1. Complete three years of cross country.
2. Submit 400 miles June 1 thru Aug 31 of that 3rd year
3. Complete numbers 2-6 from OPTION ONE

All Varsity    

*Successfully complete the season without any unexcused absences or missed meets

*Hit the required number of morning sessions PLUS all make ups

*Mornings:  Saturdays July 16,23, 30, Aug 6, Each of these Saturdays counts as 2 for Varsity & Camp Requirements

Varsity Practices July 14, 21, 28 and August 16, 18, 23,25,29

September 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30, October 7,10,14

Bronze Varsity    Athletic department award (might be first letter, 2nd Medal, or 3rd/4th Plaque)

   Bronze Option One:         One race UNDER 18:20 

    For each week that at least 15 miles are turned in within 6 days, add 5 seconds

     14 Weeks =Possible 70 seconds = 19:30 Bronze Varsity

     8 morning sessions plus all  makeups                                    

      Bronze Option Two:   Summer miles submitted for a minimum of 12 Weeks  (15 mile minimum each)

400 summer miles submitted on time Memorial Day to Labor Day

Successful completion of the season without any unexcused absences or missed meets

Third year athlete (or second year athlete if you are a senior)

 8 varsity sessions plus all makeups

Silver Varsity                 

Athletic Department Award plus patch for Varsity Jacket

One race under 17:20 plus 5 seconds for each week of summer miles submitted 14  weeks  18:30

 10 varsity sessions plus all makeups

Gold Varsity                  

Athletic Dept Award plus patch for Varsity Jacket & Next year captain (must meet other requirements)

One race under 16:20 plus five seconds for each week of summer miles submitted 14 weeks=17:30

 12 varsity sessions plus all makeups

Our mission statement dictates that we strive to become a family of brothers engaged in a common purpose. To that end, it is essential that we always act in such a way to protect and nurture our team and our teammates. 

A. Do not post pictures or video of team members or coaches without their permission.
B. Do not post pictures of team activities without Coach’s permission.
C. Complaints must be handled like men of character, not like critics hiding behind a keyboard. NEVER engage in negative group texts or other social media postings that involve the team, its members, its coaches, its parents, or its competitiors.
D. NEVER post anything that will embarass yourself, your friends, your family, your team, or your school.
E. First offense: One week suspension off team. Serious infractions will result in permanent removal
Second offense: Permanent removal from the team.

2. Absolutely no use of alcohol or drugs including tobacco or vapes. First offense: Notification of the athletic department and REMOVAL from the team.

3. No slacking or walking. Team members must always strive to have a quality practice. Slacking off hurts team comaraderie. If a time is assigned to a run, the athlete must make every attempt to hit that time.
First offense: Meeting with coach.
Second offense: Meeting with coach and captains.
Third offense: Missed Meet
Fourth offense: One week suspension from the team
Fifth offense: Removal from the team.

4. No use of foul language, sexual innuendo, or racial slurs.
First offense: Meeting with coach.
Second offense: Meeting with coach and captains.
Third Offense: One or more of the following at coach’s discretion:
Meeting with parents
Meeting with athletic director
Two meet suspension.
One week suspension from team.
Removal from the team.

5. Always…
**Display good sportsmanship.
**Behave like a gentleman.
**Say Please & Thank You.
**Pick up after yourself.
**Volunteer with the group needs.
**Show respect to team mates
**Show a welcoming attitude to new members
**Follow directives of captains and coaches unless illegal or in violation of school/athletic code of conduct.

6. Never:                           

Put yourself before the team.
Be negative.
Bring shame to yourself or the team.
Complain about running.
Disrespect your team, its members, and its leaders.
Use your parent as your servants.

Other Special 2022 Considerations
Each athlete must bring his own water in bottles marked with his name. Bottles must not be shared.                                      

If masks become a requirement again, athletes will comply as required.