Witch's Hat Run
FALL RUN, SEPT. 10, 2016        WINTER RUN FEB. 4, 2017     

"Even though he doesn't show
it, Santa partakes in an
occasional fun run, and none
were better that the WITCH'S
HAT 5K/10K RUN in
The event was flat out cool.  
Runners were equipped with
small computer modules that
tied into their shoe laces to
ensure accurate timing.  Kids
taking part in smaller runs were
partnered with SLHS cross
country team members who
helped them stretch and then
ran with them.  An upbeat
aerobics trio helped everyone
stretch out before the run,  and
best of all, the T-shirts handed
out to runners were
red--Santa's favorite color.
Four 'canes (out of a possible
four) stuffed into a pair of
runner's socks."
--Jim Dinsmore
SL Herald, Dec. 2, 2003
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UPDATE 5 AM Sept. 15  Rotpac racing has continued to update the manually compiled results.  Those
results are posted on their web site at www.rotpac.com   Click on the results tab.  The client services
team at Active.com has now joined in on the attempts to resolve the chip coding issue.   We are
frustrated that it has taken so long for Active.com to be responsive.  We have scheduled awards pick
up for next Thursday, Sept. 23 6-9 PM at the Java House in South Lyon.  We will also have them at the
Sept. 24 Pumpkinfest Run.  We will send out additional information regarding the awards.

UPDATE 8 AM Sept. 13   Rotpac Racing is hopeful that Active.com will have their end of things fixed
by noon today.  Rotpac will then have to upload any changes/corrections/ommissions to the
Active.com results.  You (the runners) may still have to help us correct anything amiss in the new
results since they will essentially be the first (real) rough draft.

UPDATE 9 PM Sept. 12  Rotpac Racing (the timing company) has made contact with Active.com and
Active.com is working on the coding issue for the computer chips.  Disappointingly, I do not have any
further information from either company.  I am currently waiting for Rotpac to provide an update.

Dear Athlete,

Thank you to everyone who braved the promise of bad weather to participate in the 25th Annual Witch's Hat Run.  We apologize for
the results difficulties at the end of the race.

We are still working on the logistics of awards.  However, our tentative plan is to have two pick ups, one at a local business, and
one at the Pumpkinfest Run on Sept. 24.  We will mail out awards to those out-of-towners who will have difficulty reconnecting.

According to the timing company, Rotpac Racing, the problem with today's results was faulty coding in the computer chips in each
bib.  According to Rotpac Racing, Active.com won't be able to fix the problem until Monday.  In the meantime, Rotpac has gone back
and reconstructed the races results manually using their redundant systems of video & voice recordings. The final version of the
results will be available sometime Monday.

A few people are missing from Temporary Results # 2 because their bib numbers were covered as they crossed the line.  The
temporary results were compiled from voice and video recordings, not computer chips.  .If you see any errors or omissions in
Temporary Results #2 or the final results, please contact   

n short, if you still see problems in the results, please contact rotpac@rotpac.com

If you have a shirt problem, please contact Scott at smiths@slcs.us

We are still working on the logistics of awards.  We will send out Facebook and e-mail updates.

On behalf of the cross country teams, I sincerely apologize for the delays.  It is certainly not how
we wanted to celebrate year 25

Thank you for the kind words and the understanding today.  The vast majority of you were amazingly supportive


Scott Smith
Race Director

See note to the right!